What do you think of with the word “Cruise”? Most people think of the big ocean cruise liners with hundreds of people on board, and these could be exactly what you are looking for, which is great and I can help with every destination from the Caribbean, to the Mediterranean, to the Indian Ocean.

But there are many other types of cruises. The fijordlands of Norway and Sounds of New Zealand, to the famous Halong Bay. Arctic cruises around Greenland and Svalbard or the Australis cruises around Cape Horn and Patagonia to photograph wildlife.

Maybe the open seas frighten you a little. Don’t worry. How does floating down a river in France or Germany sound, learning about the culture along the way, sipping good wine and enjoying the sunshine. Now that sounds good!

Whatever your ideas are, contact me now, as together we can find the perfect cruise for you.


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